Current Auto Loan Rates - What Are the Right Right Now and Where Should You Get Your Auto Loan?

What are the current auto loan rates? This is a number that constantly changes from month to month, and giving out a current rate would be useless, as this number will probably have changed from the time of the writing of this article until you are reading it.

However, here are some great methods you can use to find the best auto loan as quickly as possible.

First of all, keep in mind that getting an auto loan should be your last resort. Particularly if you are buying with a dealership, try and get a lease on the car you are going to buy, as you can save money rather than going through a middleman (in this case, the loan company).

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Since you are buying directly from the dealership, you will generally pay a lower monthly amount, and also a lower down payment. These are obviously the most important factors when considering a lease or loan, so if at all possible get a lease.

However, if you are either going through a private party, or for some reason the dealership you are purchasing from doesn't offer a lease option for your particular car, there are some great methods to finding good current auto loan rates.

The first is to improve your credit score. If you have good credit now, don't bother. However, if your credit is poor, than you probably should consider hiring a credit repair company to help you raise your credit score. These companies know of methods to raise your credit you would never even consider, because they are in the business and have very specialized knowledge of the industry.

On a practical level for you immediately, simply attempt to buy as many items with credit as opposed to cash as possible, which will enable you to establish your credit by paying these off as quickly as possible.

Of course, there are other methods to finding the best current auto loan rates right now as well. Make sure you shop around before getting an auto loan, and definitely don't go with the first company you see.

Also, be sure you input all your information into the fields, and be sure it's correct. Don't just go to the companies home page and see what their rates are.

Generally, these are the absolute lowest rates the company would ever offer, and almost nobody will be able to get these, so be sure you don't assume the rate you are seeing is the rate you will be paying. Here are some more methods for finding the best current auto loan rates on the market.

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