Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval With Bad Credit and No Faxing of Documents

I tried to sum up all the things that people usually want from payday loans - guaranteed approval, bad credit being OK and not having to fax documents anywhere. Getting a cash advance really fast with bad credit and without having to fax documents is actually very common and relatively easy these days. It is the guaranteed approval part which is slightly tricky. This is because no legitimate company will actually offer guaranteed approval under all possible circumstances. There are, however, many companies with clear, simple guidelines about who they lend to, and provided you meet a few very basic criteria, you are to all intents and purposes guaranteed approval.

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Once you are armed with a list of the best payday lenders and you know what it is they will need in order to lend money, you can be pretty sure about whether you will be approved or not before you apply. Bad credit is not a problem because there are many companies who do not check your credit at all. They do not need to, because getting their money back does not depend on the things that a credit rating will tell them about. What they really want to know is that you have a source of income and a means to pay them back quickly and on time. What this comes down to is being between 18 and 65, having a job and a bank account.

Payday lending is commonplace in the US, but is a relatively recent development in the UK. One thing that can prevent you being accepted for a loan in the US is not being eligible because of where you live. In the UK this is not an issue, but in the US, state laws apply, and some states have prohibited or restricted payday lending. It is worth checking this before you start applying.

To be virtually guaranteed approval for a payday loan you should have a steady job that you have preferably had for about six months or more, and be earning at least $1,000 or £750 per month. If you are also between18 and 65 and have a checking account (current account in UK) with a bank, you should get a loan if you approach one of the good lenders.

Getting an online loan is a surprisingly quick and easy thing to do now that we have online applications. This does, however, throw up another unnecessary and silly reason that a surprising number of people do not get loans. If you do not fill in the application form fully and accurately, you can be refused a loan. This is a pointless reason to be rejected, so take time to fill in the form correctly. Have your last bank statement, cheque book, employment details, etc ready for when you apply.

If you meet the basic criteria of being old enough, having a job and a bank account, the only other thing you need for guaranteed approval is to use the right lender with a high acceptance rate. You also need to choose a lender carefully for other reasons. A good lender should not just be whoever will give you a loan in the first place. There are many less reputable companies who will levy huge extra penalty charges for even the slightest delay in paying back the loan. This is when problems in repayment can lead to spiralling debts that are difficult or even impossible to climb out of.

The safest option is to follow recommendations for only the most well established and reputable lenders, so that you know you will be dealt with responsibly if things do not go quite as planned.

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