Lawsuit Loan Needed? 5 Keys to a Successful Application

Have you been injured due to someone else's negligence? Is the only car you have no longer safe to drive? Are your injuries keeping you from being able to work? Are you quickly running out of money to pay the bills that keep pouring in, irrespective of your ability to pay?

A lawsuit loan may be your solution! "Okay," you say, "but how do I know that even if I submit an application, it will be approved for funding?"

Excellent question! Hence, the purpose behind providing 5 keys to help you get your lawsuit loan accepted:

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1. Get an attorney. Simply put, without an attorney, you will be unable to obtain the funds requested. Why? The lender must be rely on the services of a knowledgeable individual who is able to obtain necessary information regarding the following:

a. Party responsible for injury
b. Insurance information
c. Motions that must be filed against the responsible party
d. Motions that must be filed with the court
e. Need for depositions
f. Witness statements
g. Much, much more

2. Provide the lender with your attorney's correct name. Many lawsuit loans are denied simply because the application is submitted with an incorrect name for the attorney. If you fail to follow up, your request for funding will be denied and you'll have no clue as to why.

3. Provide the lender with your attorney's correct contact-information (e.g., telephone number, fax number, etc.). Many lawsuit loans are denied simply because the application is submitted with incorrect contact-information for the attorney. Once again, failure to follow up will likely result in your request for funding being denied.

4. Do not sign paperwork in which you waive your rights to pursue a claim against the party who injured you (i.e., tortfeasor). Payers, typically insurance carriers, frequently attempt to obtain waivers from injured claimants as quickly as possible if the insurance carrier suspects that a claim will be filed against its insured. Once you sign a waiver, you very likely will no longer possess the ability to file further claims. Great for the insurance carrier, but it may be disastrous for you! Don't sign prior to discussing this with your attorney!

5. Once you have an attorney, neither contact the insurance carrier nor accept calls from the insurance carrier prior to discussing this with your attorney. Insurance carriers are customarily prohibited from contacting you once you are represented (i.e., retained an attorney). However, in most cases they may discuss the case with you, requesting statements under oath, waivers, etc. if you open the door by initiating the discussion. Let your attorney earn the fee!

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